You may be surprised to know that, despite my work with cadavers, I am not a medical expert. Which is why I keep my opinions about medicine to myself and I wish other people were the same.

Not long ago health experts were linking a substance in vaccines to autism. When I say experts, I mean Don Imus, Robert Kennedy Jr., and the mouth breathers at The Huffington Post. There was little evidence for the link, but it didn't matter because when a celebrity takes up a cause, science becomes secondary.

Caring trumps clarity and everyone wears little pins on their lapels.

But now real research shows that there was no link between autism and vaccines. In fact, autism increased, even when the potentially harmful substance was removed from vaccines. It makes you wonder how many parents avoided vaccinating their kids because of these morons.

The real question: Will these bozos admit they were wrong? Or worse, because of them, are my precious children Sun-Ra and Kaleidoscope at risk for a host of diseases including mumps, shingles and feline AIDS?

I'm not holding my breath, because I learned in medical school that holding your breath deprives you of air.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir, are worse than Hitler.

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