Career-Ending Night For Chris Brown? | Which Man Is Carrie Underwood Too "scared" To Talk To? | Grammy Winners Openly Admit: 'we Voted Against Gay Marriage' | Sir Paul McCartney's Music Obsession

Career-Ending Night For Chris Brown?

Chris Brown spent the week rehearsing "Forever" for the Grammys, but could it be that his career is now potentially over "forever"?

Brown's performance was abruptly canceled following a domestic dispute in the early hours of Sunday morning that insiders told Fox 411 involved his girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown was arrested and released on $50,000 bail. And now sources are telling Tarts that Brown had better watch his back.

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"Jay-Z, Timbaland, all that crew are really close to Rihanna and really protective of her," an insider said. "They don't like her dating anyone, so for something like that to happen. ... If its true, he'll find it impossible to work in this town again."

However, Brown's good pal Busta Rhymes things we all need to take a chill pill before jumping to conclusions.

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"Media, everyone needs to hold off before passing judgment," he said.

Indeed Brown's alleged involvement in the altercation has several people surprised. "It's so out-of-character," added our source close to Brown. "He wouldn't hurt anyone or anything."

Which Man Was Carrie Underwood Too "Scared" to Talk to?

Carrie Underwood is one of the most beautiful, talented and successful young ladies in the music business today and chances are most guys are pretty intimidated. But it turns out that the "Before He Cheats" songstress has one person in particular she was too afraid to approach at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party on Saturday night.

"I wanted to meet Prince, but I was scared," Underwood told us backstage after her big win on Sunday night. "You don’t just walk up to Prince and say hello."

And even though the "American Idol" alum has won almost every award she's been up for at every awards show in recent times, she still has no expectation to win. Carrie even went so far as to say that the Grammy Foundation does discriminate the best artist from the best-selling artist, or at least she hopes that's the case.

"This is a very discriminating organization. These are people who know their stuff. So just because somebody’s the favorite or the song was bigger than the other ones, I would hope it’s all about the music. I would hope it’s all about who did the best job."

The country crooner first attended the Grammys two years ago and said she's come along way since being fresh from her Idol win.

"I've learned so much. Back then I was always worried that I'd screw up but I've learned to calm down and that comes with being more confident in myself," Underwood told Tarts. "I've even learned things like to dress myself."

Grammy Winners Openly Admit: 'We Voted Against Gay Marriage'

The Proposition 8 debacle has been a point of Tinseltown tension since it was passed in California during last year's election, but while most celebs have spoken out in support of gay rights Grammy winners Mary Mary were brave enough to admit that they actually voted yes to prohibiting gay marriage.

"Yes, we will say we voted for marriage in its traditional form," the Gospel singer/songwriter duo from California said following their win on Sunday evening. "We believe marriage should be how it was traditionally, a man and a woman."

Sir Paul McCartney's Music Obsession

When it comes not only to rock n' roll but music in general, Sir Paul McCartney is pretty much as big as it gets. But it turns out that the Beatle has an obsession with another group of artists ...

"I'm pretty Catholic in my tastes," he admitted prior to the 51st Grammy Awards on Sunday. "But I always start with Radiohead. I have a wide range of tastes — I like rap a lot too."

Hmmm, who knew McCartney could get so star struck?

"I think Neil Diamond too is fantastic, I almost asked him for an autograph," McCartney added. "I have to admit though when he first started I really wasn't the biggest fan."

Hey, at least he's honest. McCartney has also been confirmed for this year's Coachella Music Festival (mind you, he told Tarts that he'll probably decide what he feels like performing the day before) and doesn't know too much about what he's getting himself into regarding the three-day rock fest in Palm Springs ...

"All I know is it's a nice place and I heard it was a cool festival," he said. "I want to be cool."

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