Ford Feels the Same Way

I wish I could afford to get one now! I love the look and the interior and towing and payload is very important to me this wins hands down.

Brandon Grimes

Let it Go

If you do some research into past years you will find that the only way Ford has claimed the title "best-selling" has been to separate the GM trucks into Chevrolet and GMC.

There have been many years when GM has outsold Ford. I would love to see a story on this "playing with numbers" by Ford.

Stephen Fleury

FCR: Unfortunately for GM, that’s not how it works, and they stopped trying to make this argument years ago.

Road Tested

I work as an auto tech in Northern Michigan. Our harsh climate and road salt really take a toll on vehicles here.

The F150 holds up much better than its competition. The Toyota is very expensive to maintain here. Example, you are more than likly to

snap off a bolt doing a simple brake job. This is more costly for the customer. The Chevrolet is a rattle trap. Dodge is prone to transmission failure and hard to get parts for.

Joe Burrone