Captive in Fallujah

Fallujah — From Someone Held Hostage There

Tomorrow on “DaySide,” expect more breaking news from Fallujah (search) — and maybe other Iraqi cities as well since it appears many guerrillas have fanned out to other spots.

But I'm also going to add something different to the mix: Josh Hammer, a reporter who was held hostage in Fallujah and miraculously got out alive. I've been in my share of close scrapes in war zones during my earlier years as a correspondent — and definitely times when I thought my number was up. But what Josh went through is worse — more frightening, and at the hands of people I can only describe as cold-blooded.

Josh was captured in one of the neighborhoods our Marines (search) and soldiers are striking right now. He can talk about the guerrillas who are there. He, along with our correspondents and military specialists, will answer any questions you send in via email. The address is:

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