Democratic presidential candidates on their favorite food indulgences and what they won't eat:

Food Indulgence

Wesley Clark: Cheetos and Gummi Bears

Howard Dean: Chocolate chip cookies

Sen. John Edwards: Mother's pecan pie

Sen. John Kerry: Chocolate chip cookies

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Vegan chocolate brownies

Sen. Joe Lieberman: Chocolate

Al Sharpton: "I love any kind of Southern cooking. I love potato salad and fried chicken."

Foods to Shun

Wesley Clark: Sushi

Howard Dean: Haggis

Sen. John Edwards: No response

Sen. John Kerry: Rhubarb Pie

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Well, I'm a vegan; that covers a lot."

Sen. Joe Lieberman: Lobster

Al Sharpton: Sushi