Canadian Listeria Death Toll Rises to 15, Man Says Mother's Death Was 'Awful'

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The death toll in Canada from listeria-contaminated deli meats has risen to 15, according to health officials.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said there are at least 29 cases of listeriosis across the country, with an additional 31 cases being investigated.

Meanwhile, an Ontario man called his 89-year-old mother's food-poisoning death "awful," Agence France-Presse reported.

The outbreak has been tied to products from Maple Leaf Foods. The company has recalled more than 220 products, the cost for which is expected to be more than $20 million.

Maple Leaf's Toronto plant has shut down temporarily to allow for heavy sanitizing of the facility.

Frances Clark, 89, is the first person to be publicly identified as a victim of the outbreak, according to the report.

Her son Tim Clark said she came down with a high fever, extreme weakness, aches, pains and labored breathing on Friday of last week and was taken to the hospital where she fell unconscious.

"She suffered an awful death, I'll tell you," Tim Clark said.

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