Canadian Brewery Seeks Answer to 'Beer Chill' Problem

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A Canadian brewery wants beer lovers to help answer one of their country's most pressing questions: How long can beer sit outside in the wintertime before it freezes?

As previously noted on these pages, our well-bundled neighbo(u)rs to the north are partial to their suds. And when Doug and Bob head over to a buddy's hoose to watch some hockey, many brewskies end up being stored in the snow when the refrigerators — many Canadians have a spare just for beer — fill up.

Unfortunately, many of those Molsons and Labatts are quickly forgotten about as the blood-alcohol content of those who brought them goes up, and the mercury level outside goes down.

That results in exploding bottles and cans, and broken glass and shredded aluminum strewn over lawns and patios, not to mention many cries of "Bummer!", as the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, StarPhoenix reports.

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Enter the Great Western Brewing Company, an employee-owned brewery in Saskatoon.

"We've solved some of the great problems of life in agriculture and health and fitness, we've done a lot of great things [in Saskatchewan], but I think it's time to turn this immense brain power to the mystery of the beer chill factor," company president Ron Waldman told the StarPhoenix.

Figuring how long beer should be left outside will be difficult, as it involves precise calculations of temperature, wind speed, snow density, sunlight and the insulating properties of cardboard.

He or she who devises the answer will receive "appropriate compensation," Waldman said, most likely in the form of even more of the subject material at hand.

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