Canada on Our Side?

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Canada has not been particularly supportive of the U.S. military lately. From stinging criticism of the war in Iraq to harboring Army deserters, you might think that Canadians would be wallowing in the U.S. prison abuse story.

Well, that may be true with the mainstream Canadian media, but not with all Canadians. features editorials from Canadians who remain staunch U.S. allies.

John Thompson, president of the Ontario-based McKenzie Institute, admits that the inexperienced guards at Abu Ghraib (search) went too far, but notes:

"If I was to be interrogating Jihadists and other terrorists, I would want them dazed, disoriented and feeling psychologically vulnerable before interviewing them. Rested and relaxed prisoners might give no information at all."

Canadian businessman Klaus Rohrich writes: "I do not understand why the media is holding the Allies to so much of a higher standard than they do the terrorists. It's almost as if they are siding with those wishing to destroy us."

Not everyone north of the border has forgotten who the real enemy is.

And that's the Observer.

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