Here's the correct interpretation of events in Iraq Thursday, spoken in English but not run through the dull and dry translator software of official Washington, D.C.


Here it is.

The real meaning of election day in Iraq:

We won.

We won.

We won.

We won.

A little too triumphalist for you?

Feeling a little icky that we might say something that bold? You must be suffering from a touch of Euro today. Eat a Big Mac and get over it.

We won is bold, but it's also true.

Now, you don't like saying we won, we won, we won because you think we have not won?

That's different.

Here's why I say we won.

Saddam is on trial. The main point of the war was to regime change Saddam. Believe me it is changed when he's on trial for his life rather than running people through chippers and chopping off limbs to emphasize a political point.

I like the sight of Saddam as O.J. because this time I don't think the defendant walks.

Then there is the little matter of all these purple fingers. Iraqis voting. Iraqis politicking. Iraqis forming parliamentary alliances.

Can you spell democracy, Howard Dean?

Our friend Howard says the war is unwinnable.

It was won today and Howard's the last guy to notice.

Now we still have to leave, and I'm all for that.

I think it should be done as soon as possible considering the circumstances. When the new Iraqi government can roust jihadis from their beds at night and it doesn't have to be us, great, let the Iraqis do it.

Lyndon Johnson spoke great words in 1968 when he said, "I'm not going to send American boys to do the job of South Vietnamese boys." He was right then and he should have stuck to it. The same words are true today. The second Iraqi boys can handle the insurgency, I say we tell them good luck and God speed and we should withdraw to Kuwait and Qatar and the UAE.

People said it couldn't be done. Iraqis couldn't elect their own, couldn't build their own constitution, won't follow their own government.

I say today proved all those naysayers wrong. And I say we won, we won, we won. And don't worry about the triumphalism. It only bothers those who follow defeatism.

That's My Word.

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