Cameron Diaz has love on her mind.

In her new film, “My Sister’s Keeper,” the beautiful blonde known for comedy takes on a more serious role that explores the different sides of love. In an interview with Vogue magazine, on newsstands May 26, Diaz, 36, opens up about the role.

“It’s about falling in love,” she says. “It’s about all different kinds of love. Parents falling in love with their chidren. Children falling in love with their parents. Falling in love for the first time. Falling in love with being a teenager. All of the things that you fall in love with, that our hearts give way to over a lifetime, and then the heartbreak when those things get taken away.”

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And sadly for Diaz, she learned about loss when her father died suddenly and unexpectedly of pneumonia last April.

“I think, emotionally … it definitely took its toll,” Diaz said. “Definitely. It’s the human experience. You know, that’s what the heart does. Things are given and things are taken away. And I think the heart becomes stronger, more capable.”

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Still, her experiences have made her a stronger person and a stronger actress as well – one who is not afraid to step outside the box with her roles.

“People who put labels on themselves limit themselves. If you are a woman who’s been labeled as a sex symbol, for instance—I mean, I am not saying that’s the label people would apply to me. But if you see yourself that way, inevitably you get to a point when you are no longer a sex symbol. And if you can’t move past that, you’re putting a limit on yourself; you’re arresting your development. And that’s where I think a lot of women get in trouble.”


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