Cameron and Justin: The New Demi and Ashton?

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He's bedded Britney Spears (search) and gotten "in sync" with a stable of other young ladies, but now Justin Timberlake (search)  may have found his Mrs. Robinson — Cameron Diaz (search), who is eight years his senior.

After weeks of speculation, the New York Post says they had an exclusive sighting: Timberlake, 22, leaving a Manhattan hotel, followed a few minutes later by the devilish angel Diaz, 30.

OK, it's no  Rob Lowe (search) porn video scandal, but it's enough for the Post. The paper reports that Diaz and Timberlake got in an SUV and headed off to Philadelphia for his concert with Christina Aguilera (search), part of their "Justified and Stripped" tour.

According to the paper, Justin acknowledged the Post photographer and even toasted him.

If the hot Hollywood pair really are together, it's just another in a long line of younger men dating older women. By now the public has been saturated by stories about Demi Moore, 41 and Ashton Kutcher, 25.

Even 44-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis, who is married to actor/director Christopher Guest, referenced it at the Teen Choice Awards when she joked to Kutcher, "If you like 40, get up here and try some 44."

Is this why tickets were so hot for the recent Broadway revival of "The Graduate?" Jason Biggs got to say "Kathleen Turner, you're trying to seduce me." Or something like that.

Like so many things in our society, it all goes back to Cher. Remember when the diva turned back time a few years ago with Brooklyn bagel boy Rob Camilletti? That seemed to start the new revolution.

Hey, why not? Maybe Phyllis Diller is at home fantasizing about some young star.