Cameras Catch Teens Robbing School Safe; Cash Allegedly Spent on Food, Video Games

Two Massachusetts teens tried to rip off their fellow students on Feb. 5 by breaking into their school and robbing the fundraiser safe, MyFoxBoston reports.

What they did not know was that the entire incident was caught on security cameras. Now the students are facing felony charges.

Cameras caught the students from Bellingham, Mass., spending 20 minutes using a knife to pry open a classroom door. Inside, a safe contained $800 in student funds, which were raised through local fundraisers for class trips or donated by parents, MyFoxBoston reports.

The suspects used a blow torch to burn off the safe’s lock. With all the cash in hand, cameras show the teens, wearing ski masks and rubber gloves to conceal their identities and fingerprints, running out of the building, MyFoxBoston reports.

Police report $700 of the stolen funds has been recovered. The rest of the money allegedly was spent on Chinese food and video games, MyFoxBoston reports.

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