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If you watched the show Monday night, you noticed that I mentioned our satellite radio (search) listeners when we discussed the ongoing nationwide manhunt for the multiple-killer. I also described the getaway vehicle. This is because every time we do a manhunt, the radio listeners e-mail me that they could help, they are typically in their cars and trucks on the road and that we neglect them in providing information. We put tip lines and pictures of cars on the TV, but unless we describe them, they don't know what to look for. So, be advised radio listeners — I am listening to you and I have complied. I am a quick learner and yes, you are right — it makes sense for us to provide information beyond the pictures on the screen so that you can help!

E-mail No. 1

Hello and thank you for all you do at FOX News. I appreciate how you cover the what is really going on in this world. However, I want to talk about the interview you did with Brian Kolfage (search). My name is 1LT Shawn C. Tulp, Army Nurse Corps, United States Army Reserves. I was deployed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center from February 25th 2004 to February 26th 2005. I was the nurse that received Brian when he showed up to Germany. You see, I am an ICU nurse and I was working that September 11th, and I am still haunted by what I saw when he showed up. In the year that I was there, Brian's injuries were some of the worst I had seen. I did not think he would survive. I will never forget what it looked like when we took down his dressings and saw what the mortar blast did to him. I will also never forget the tattoo he had on his chest that said "Me against the world." In my line of work, I never did get much closure on my patients. They were sent to Walter Reed a few days after we received them, never to be heard from again. Please, I would like to talk to Brian if it is all possible. I just need some closure on this. We worked so hard on him to keep him alive. Brian's injured body haunted me for months after seeing him. I am so glad to see how he is recovering. It is small moments like these that make my job seem so worthwhile. I will give you my e-mail address and he can contact me if he desires. If he doesn't want to contact me, please tell Brian that I will never forget him or what he has given up for us. Thank you for reading this and helping me put to rest this demon that has been haunting me since that day. God bless.
Shawn C. Tulp

ANSWER: You and your colleagues saved his life. You did AMAZING work. I will find him for you.

E-mail No. 2 — Monday night we talked about the manhunt for the guy who killed a woman in Horry County (search), South Carolina. A viewer — next e-mail — wrote me to correct my pronunciation. The e-mail is much appreciated. I don't like to get it wrong:

The name of the county is pronounced "or-ee" not "whore-ee" ... the "h" is silent.
A loyal South Carolinian

E-mail No. 3

That white dude lawyer defending M. Jackson ... is a bad man. I will bitch slap him. Where does he live? Oh, so sorry, I watch Don Imus too.
Betsy Stoner

ANSWER: Betsy, you may have too much time on your hands...

E-mail No. 4

Wisconsin does have a sexual offenders list. Can't remember the address though. Was on it last week? They had it posted on the Wbay Green Bay Web site.
Oshkosh, WI

E-mail No. 5

Why are you even discussing more stringent requirements for registration of violent sex offenders? Convicted violent sex offenders should not be on the streets, period. If any judge thinks differently, let him share a jail cell with the offender he releases if he commits another crime. It's way past time to put the safety of the general public ahead of the rights of violent criminals.
Jim Rhyne
Richland, WA

E-mail No. 6 — The next e-mail relates to the fact that no one claimed the body of the man who killed Judge Lefkow's family. A funeral home stepped forward and volunteered to provide burial:

I know what that man did was horrible, but how sad there was no one that would even claim his body? When I hear cases like that I always think, "there but for the grace of God, go I." How thoughtful of the funeral owner to pay for it. Proves there are just as many good — actually more — than the sick people that get reported about.

E-mail No. 7 — Note: following is from KFI's Laura Ingle at the Michael Jackson (search) trial:

Subject: Laura note

Begging and sobbing and pleading to sleep with a 13-year-old boy.

The mother of the 1993 accuser is on the stand and is delivering details to jurors about her son's time with the "King of Pop." And it isn't pretty.

June Chandler (search) came in wearing a sharp, dark cream-colored suit. She has straight shoulder length black hair. She is striking with no makeup on. If looks matter at trial, she's got high marks. When prosecutor Tom Sneddon called out her name as the next witness this morning, there was a collective gasp from the courtroom audience. A moment many have been waiting for. Her son Jordy will not be testifying at this trial, so this is the closest family member jurors will hear from about what happened in the early 90s.

While June did not eyewitness any acts of molestation, she did tell jurors about how things quickly "got out of hand" with the sleepovers her son was having with Jackson. After Jackson became friends with the boy, his mother and his little sister, the three would visit Neverland for weekends. At first, June Chandler says the three would stay in one of the guest cottages. On their third visit, she says Jordy asked her if he could sleep in Jackson's room. She said no. She told jurors everything changed when they all went with Jackson to Las Vegas for a weekend. She said her son and Jackson were going to go to a Cirque de Soleil show one night, but the two ended up at her hotel room door instead. She said Jackson was "sobbing, shaking, trembling" when she opened her door. When she asked him what was wrong, M.J. wailed, "Why don't you trust me? Why won't you let him sleep in my bed? We are a family! Why won't you trust me?" June told him she didn't think it was right, Jackson went on: "Jordy is having fun, there is nothing going on, why don't you trust me?" She says that went on for about 30 minutes. She finally gave in. After she let Jackson sleep with her son, she says Jackson bought her a Cartier gold bracelet. The gifts kept coming as more sleepovers went down. She said her son started becoming withdrawn, started dressing like Jackson and was acting different around her family.

Jurors took good notes once again, studying her carefully on the witness stand. A clear-cut pattern of seduction of not only children but their mothers, is being painted by the prosecution. We have heard this before from other families. The image is now emerging of Jackson dangling candy, toys and a play-land for kids, diamonds and gold for their mothers.

More to come...

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