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If you think you had a bad day on Thursday, my senior producer was on the phone all day trying to get the "unedited" tape that Dr. Phil's show had promised to give us and then we never got it. On Wednesday night the "Dr. Phil" show rep said he would give it to us the following day — Thursday. We were delighted with the offer of the tape since we would like to get to the bottom of this: Did Deepak Kalpoe admit to having sex with Natalee Holloway on May 30 or not?

Well, guess what? We didn't get the tape from the "Dr. Phil" show but not for lack of effort on our part. My senior producer tried all day. I don't know why the "Dr. Phil" show reps suddenly changed their mind about the tape, but my wild guess is that lawyers got into it and suddenly there was a discussion on who owns the tapes, whether it is wise to put in the public domain or in the media, etc. As of the time of writing this blog, we have not received a full story on why they did not give us the tape, but I assure you we sure tried to get what was promised. I am just glad I was not the one stuck making all the calls yesterday and then ending up frustrated. And yes, we will try again today to get the tape.

While I am on the topic of today, I am en route to New York City to do a mid-day interview with a guest that will air Monday night on our live show. Because of the schedule today, I won't be able to do the taped segment and get back to D.C. in time to do the show in our regular studio. Thus, we will borrow Bill O'Reilly's studio and do the show in New York.

If you heard the discussion about intoxication and sex last night, here is the issue: Yes, a woman having a few drinks can legally consent to sex (and thus not rape.) If the woman is so intoxicated that she has no clue that she is consenting, it is rape since no consent. When Bernie and Ted and I were arguing — we had different ideas of what we meant by intoxication and hence the view. We all agree — if so drunk doesn't know what she is doing, she cannot consent. If just a few drinks, but still able to make decisions, she can consent.

Under the headline never dull: I had the audio hell during the entire C segment with missing Leslie Adams' cousin. It was a nightmare — during the segment, it went from worse to even worse. I asked Leslie's cousin why Leslie took out a protective order and then I had zero audio... I could hear nothing. Fortunately, she gave a long answer and fortunately the audio came back during her last few words of her answer. Of course I had no idea what she said and probably had the deer in headlights look on my face. I then asked a rather lame question about the police and if they were doing a good job. I was afraid to ask a more pointed question that might require a follow up for me since I did not know if I would lose the audio again... ugh. The audio got better in the next segment with Reverend Jackson and Congressman Jackson, but not great. After the Jacksons' segment, I thought it could not get worse... but alas, it did. Apparently you the viewer could not hear John Bish (our F segment guest) but I had no problem hearing him. Go figure. With all the audio problems, I was eager to end the show and start anew today. And yes, from time to time, this happens to all shows on all networks... although this DID feel like the worst.

Some randomly selected e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — This next e-mail relates to E-mail No. 2 from Thursday's blog. It is pretty funny:

Gosh, Greta, where else can you find a great job AND receive free fashion and beauty advice as well? (Sort of makes you wonder what the critics and advisers look like, doesn't it?)
Keep up the good work.
Jeanne Barr

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
PLEASE inform Beth Holloway-Twitty that my children, parents and myself are going on a nine-night cruise on the 15th of December. Unfortunately, it was booked eight months in advance before we had heard the story about Beth's gorgeous, precious daughter, Natalee. One of the ports is Aruba. We WILL NOT BE GETTING OFF THE SHIP IN ARUBA FOR ONE SECOND out of respect for the Holloway-Twitty family. In fact, we plan on boycotting the island completely. Please send our love and strength to the family! Our prayers and good wishes are for them.
Thank you,
Shari Ferreiro

E-mail No. 3

Greta VS and Company:
I had better not see or hear anymore of your idiocy pertaining to the subject after December 2, 2005. No more teasers, no more of your lies, no more of that spoiled kid hopping around, pushing her face into a camera, no more of her mother's relentless quest for self-serving attention, NO MORE!
Ich habe es satt mit diesem Unsinn gehabt!
Al Miller

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
As I've watched "On the Record" and other news programs for the past couple of days, I've been bothered by the discussion about interpretations of Deepak Kalpoe's "body language" during that disputed moment in that infamous interview.
If Kalpoe did shake his head, that wouldn't necessarily mean that he was saying "no" at the same time.
He could be shaking his head at the thought of what he did. He could also be shaking his head in disbelief at how easy it was to do it. That would make sense if his next comment was indeed one about how surprised the interviewer would be at how easy it had been.
I would like to hear someone knock holes in the idea that a head shake means "no" before that idea is set in concrete in the minds of all involved. If no definitive information is learned soon about the original tapes, perhaps you could be the one to help people not jump to potentially incorrect conclusions while they await further news.
Thank you,
Stephanie Harrison
Manitowoc, WI

This article that caught my attention is admittedly a favorite. It's from my hometown paper, The Appleton Post Crescent. With all the doom and gloom of most news, it sure is fun to post this one. Click here to read the article.

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