So it took only one day before I was called a racist for, guess what, criticizing racial politics.

If you remember, I pointed out that choosing a Supreme Court nominee based on minority status is a diversionary trick meant to obscure left-wing ideology. As you know, it doesn't work with any other kind of political belief — see Clarence Thomas. And buy him a drink. Not a Coke.

And so within hours of posting my Greg-alogue, a brainless blogger did what brainless bloggers do best: called me a racist.

Which is awesome, because it proves my point: In the world of racial politics, all you have to do is call someone a racist and you win. Game over.

Now, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is doing the same thing, preemptively, saying you better watch what you say when it comes to Judge Sotomayor. It's an odd thing to say simply because he didn't have to.

I mean, everyone's already on their tippy-toes. Look at the media who refuse to get past "the first Latina ever" spin. And what of the wimpier columnists, who would rather roll over on their damp mattresses than oppose the joys of "empathy." Here's a hint: When someone thanks you for your willingness to comply, they're just grateful for your wussiness.

For fun, imagine if Marlin Fitzwater had told the media to watch their words during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas — another Supreme Court nominee with an "inspirational" story and non-white skin.

Would that have stopped the pitchforks? No.

Hell, do any of you remember Judge Robert Bork — a brilliant man so vilified because he didn't fit the liberal mold — that his last name became a verb for political witch-hunt?

I do.

Which is why I think raising a little hell over Sonia seems like a fun way to spend the summer. But then again, I may just go antique-ing in New England. That's a fun thing do to in shorts!

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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