Pardon my raging paranoia, but it looks to me like we're under attack. I now see it everywhere.

One example is the incident in North Carolina where some Middle Eastern-looking men with New Jersey plates tried to hijack a tanker truck of fuel. It's a story with at least one absurdity: They were trying to run the truck off the road with a Dodge Neon.

Then there's the group of Middle Eastern men under suspicion in Tennessee for the death of a woman who worked for the Department of Motor Vehicles, the same one who helped them get illegal IDs. (There was even evidence that these guys had been in the World Trade Center just days before Sept. 11.)

Then there's the case of the two Middle Eastern men who drove a tow truck past security at the Pentagon.

Then there's the Middle Eastern-looking man in California who bought a bunch of stuff in a Wal-Mart that could transform a Valentine teddy bear into a bomb.

Add to that the Justice Department warnings of late, the 17 guys who have Al Qaeda connections, and the five guys we can't find who have made their martyrdom video and are planning a date with their virgins in paradise.

We now know that a Palestinian by the name of Abu Zubaydah is in charge of Al Qaeda. We also know that the Palestinians are super ticked with us because we haven't been able to force the Israelis to cave in to the Palestinian Authority.

So... what's going on here? Are we under attack, or are we so paranoid that we suspect every swarthy-looking man?

With apologies to my Middle Eastern friends and acquaintances, I don't think this is entirely paranoia. I think we are under attack, and our Arab and Muslim citizens are going to have to be patient with the rest of us while we round up the bad guys.

That's My Word.

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