Gunmen ambushed two teenage brothers as they returned home from doing laundry, shooting and killing a 16-year-old boy and injuring his brother, police said.

Antonio Nunez Jr. was killed instantly and his brother was hit in the hip during the attack around 11 p.m. Friday, police said. The boys' 39-year-old uncle, who was visiting their mother, also was shot.

The boys appear to be good kids who attended Mass with their mother earlier Friday evening, said Oakland Police Sgt. Jim Rullamas.

"As far as we know they didn't do anything to provoke this," Rullamas said.

Rullamas said the boys had just parked outside their home after doing laundry at their father's home in East Oakland when more than one gunman got out of a van, walked up to the truck they were in and began shooting at the vehicle with pistols. They did not say anything to the victims, he said.

"Whoever did this has destroyed this family," Rullamas said.

Nunez' brother and uncle were taken to Highland Hospital where they were in stable condition, police spokesman Jeff Thomason told KTVU-TV in San Francisco.

Oakland police did not immediately return messages from The Associated Press Saturday.