California Recall: Is Arnold the Answer?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) decided to run for governor of California so he can give something back to the state that has given so much to him, the actor-turned-politician told FOX News Friday morning.

"In my heart it was that I wanted to do something for California. I wanted to give something back because California has given me so many opportunities," he said.

Schwarzenegger, who is running as a Republican in the effort to recall Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, also told FOX about his plans to solve the California budget crisis.

"The first thing that you have to do is not worry about should we cut the programs or raise the taxes and all those things," said Schwarzenegger, who has an economics degree.

California recall: Is Arnold the answer?

A sample of your responses:

I personally think it is about time that someone stepped up from the world of reality,whether  rich or poor and kick those political educated liars straight to the curb.
Ken V.
Central Islip, NY

I wish people would make up their minds. The Dixie Chicks were entertainers so they didn't fit the mold to criticize politicians, so how does Arnold even qualify for any office?
Marc W.
Phx, AZ

Arnold is a man with tremendous, courage, integrity and the sort of character strength that comes from consistent success in varied challenges. He has proven time and time again that whatever he applies himself to he succeeds. He is a leader in every sense of the word. Whilst he has innate political skills he thankfully lacks the cloud of deception and manipulation that seems to shadow most political personas today. I would bet my last cent that he is going to be the best governor this state has ever had. And you know what? I'm a Democrat!
Harry B.

Are we really even asking if ARNOLD is the answer for California???  We actually should be asking if MARIA is the that case, I'd say "no."  There would be an incredible amount of stress on that family.  God help them!

Yes, they need Arnold.  The Granola state needs new thinking not the same old stuff they've been doing.  Experience doing the same old thing is no experience at all.
Steve C.
Plantation, FL

Everyone says he's a shoe-in, but I wouldn't vote for him.
Carl A.
Anaheim, CA

YES!  Arnold IS the answer. He is a breath of fresh air and I sincerely hope he can remove the stench that Davis has created!!
Roseville, CA

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