Authorities in Palo Alto are searching for a person “with problems” after a school’s pet chicken was discovered stoned to death over the weekend, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Police Sgt. Sandra Brown told the newspaper that a teacher at Country Day Little School, which works with children ages 2 through 6, made the discovery on Sunday. The teacher found the door to a rabbit's cage open and later found the school's bunny hiding by some nearby bushes.

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When an officer touring the garden site was taken to the school's small, gated garden on Monday, the teacher showed the officer an opened chicken coop at the back of the garden area. There was a dead chicken lying in the back of the cage, surrounded by rocks, leading the officer to believe the animal had been stoned.

"The person who did this has problems," Brown told The San Jose Mercury News.

There is no description of a suspect, the newspaper reported. The person wanted for the animal's death may face animal cruelty charges.