California Police Arrest Woman for Allegedly Dumping Newborn in Trash

Authorities say a Southern California woman has been arrested after the body of her newborn daughter was found in a trash bin.

Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino says the 19-year-old Anaheim woman, whose name wasn't released, was being treated at a hospital Thursday. He says she'll be booked into jail on suspicion of dumping her baby in the bin after she is medically cleared.

Amormino said the infant's body was found Wednesday, but he declined to say how or when she died.

The woman came under suspicion earlier that day when she went to an Anaheim hospital and complained of pain. Authorities say the doctor who examined her recognized she had just given birth, but the woman denied it.

The hospital called police, and investigators say they determined the woman dined at a Stanton restaurant the night before. They went to the restaurant and found the full-term infant's body in a trash bin in the back alley.