California Man Sought in Shooting Death of Son in Vegas

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Authorities are looking for a California man accused of fatally shooting his 31-year-old son after the son failed to drive him and others straight home after a night out in Las Vegas.

Clark County prosecutors obtained a warrant Monday charging 53-year-old Jerry Pough Sr. of Oakland, Calif., with murder in the Sunday morning slaying of Jerry Pough Jr.

The younger Pough's body was found in a vehicle parked in the driveway of a home in northwest Las Vegas.

Police say two people reported being in the vehicle when the shooting occurred. They told investigators that Jerry Pough Sr. shot his son because his son didn't drive the group straight home after a night out. The witnesses got out and ran after the shooting and called police.

Police say the father and son watched a televised boxing match at a northeast Las Vegas bar several hours before the slaying.