California and the War on Terror

How is California, the nation's largest state, reacting to the war?

Yes, the Berkeley city council who passed an anti-war resolution is nuts.  Yes, there are people out here who refuse to acknowledge there is evil in the world.  And, yes, there are even some folks who don't know much about the terrorist attack because they're too busy rollerblading their lives away.

But most Californians do know what's up.  It's very apparent that even in liberal cities like San Francisco, people are getting even more determined as the sneak attacks by the terrorists continue.

A few days ago, I stopped in the central coast town of Cambria just a few miles south of the Hearst castle.  Cambria is home to quite a few hippies, counterculture folks.

So I walk into an exotic oil shop, pass the beads hanging down at the front door, and am immediately engulfed in a thick cloud of incense, sitar music playing in the background.  I select some kind of mysterious potion and proceed to the cash register.

There, a young woman wearing a head band, pierced nose, a long, flowing white dress looks up at me.  And I say, "What do you think should happen to this guy bin Laden?"  Her eyes open wide, and she says "Kill him."  OK.

It's not about mindless vengeance.  Americans of all kinds have now realized the government must stop the terrorists from killing innocent people.  There is a growing understanding, even among the most liberal in this country, that we're doing the right thing and the noble thing, and the more this sinks in, the stronger we will be and the better able to pay the price of victory.

And it's just a matter of time until that victory happens.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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