A possible witness to a case of baby food tampering (search) came to a police station accompanied by his lawyer and talked with investigators for about an hour.

Charles Dewey Cage (search), 47, was interviewed Thursday, the day after authorities disclosed the tampering. A non-lethal form of the poison ricin (search) was found in two jars of Gerber (search) brand baby food purchased last month at the same Irvine supermarket. Two infants ate the banana yogurt dessert but did not become sick.

Cage was not able to help with the investigation, his lawyer, Mark Williams, said outside the police station.

"He had no information, no knowledge of these crimes whatsoever," Williams said, adding his client was innocent.

A spokesman for Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said again Thursday that Cage "is not a suspect. He is a potential witness with information about this case and we are asking for his assistance." Rackauckas has said Cage was "in the area at a relevant time."

Cage told the Orange County Register for its Thursday editions: "I don't know anything about this. ... The FBI (messed) up. The Irvine police are shoddy. When I get finished talking, all of them are going to bow down."