David Letterman famously asked our own Bill O'Reilly, "How can you not have anything but full sympathy for Cindy Sheehan?"

I wonder what David is thinking tonight as he reads his writers' attempts to make a good joke out of Cindy Sheehan's visit to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and her quote, "I admire him for his resolve against my government."

Her complaint is the U.S. government meddling in the affairs of other countries.

As you may have heard, Virginia, this is not a new complaint. But only rarely do Americans kowtow to a foreign leader who is an avowed anti-American to make this point. Oops, I guess I forgot about Harry Belafonte.

I think this is where Cindy Sheehan leaves the road and goes into the ditch.

It was painful to watch her ask President Bush why her son had to die, mostly because nobody has an answer that would satisfy her.

Most Americans are profoundly sorry her son died. Sorry as well another 2,000 Americans died. Sorry with a bit more distance that Iraqis have died.

While the bereaved mother is grieving it's hard to take her by the lapels and say you've gone too far. But we may have reached that point.

Hugo Chavez is about to assume the Fidel Castro chair of the University of Latin America's Anti-Gringo Department.

With communism fading all over the planet, Chavez may be the one guy who will try to bring it back, to revive the movement in the hands of a younger and more vital Fidel. The old Fidel is, well, old.

Fidel, after all, is getting to the age where he trips and falls down in public. Hard to sling that anti-American rhetoric with your arm in a sling.

That's where Hugo comes in. One of the things he needs is validation from Americans themselves. He has to say to anti-American Latin America, "Hey, even some of the hated North Americans are on our side."

So the days of Cindy Sheehan being a grieving mother are over — at least here in the arena of public debate. She has moved beyond her personal loss and is now officially on the Belafonte team: bashing America, hating Bush, sucking up to dictator wannabes.

That's my take on Cindy. What's yours?

That's My Word.

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