Buy Me Some Peanuts and ... Grapes? Baseball Park Concession Stand Adds Fruit to Keep Fans Healthy

California table grapes are joining peanuts and popcorn at AT&T Park as part of an effort to offer healthy food choices at San Francisco Giants baseball games.

Jim Howard, vice president of the Table Grape Commission, says pre-washed, de-stemmed Thompson seedless, red flame and other varieties have been at concession stands for about two weeks and sales are "so far, so good."

Howard says that a growing season that begins in May in the Coachella Valley and extends through the fall in Fresno County just about mimics the baseball season.

Howard hopes to expand sales to parks across the country.

On Aug. 2, the first 20,000 fans at AT&T park will receive a free "Grapes from California" T-shirt designed by Giants player Pablo Sandoval.