John Kerry on DaySide Tomorrow!

... Or ... someone who LOOKS an awful lot like him. In the spirit of good humor, a certain guy who's been a special guest on DaySide before will be showing up in the studio tomorrow ... looking and sounding eerily like the Democratic Presidential nominee...

Of course, we're covering the Republican convention as well -- checking in with our reporters roaming the floor of Madison Square Garden (search), but also talking with two kids who are covering the RNC for Time Magazine. Get this -- they're 12 and 13 years old.

Plus, we're FINALLY talking with Dan Senor (search) (he had to cancel his earlier appearance on DaySide.) As you remember, he was Paul Bremer's top aide in Baghdad and spokesman for the coalition. When I originally planned to interview Dan a couple of weeks ago, I invited you to send in your questions; I've held on to those questions and will use some of them in tomorrow's show.

But if any of you want to send more questions for him, feel free. Doesn't matter what you want to ask -- it can be anything from "What did you eat?" to the heavy stuff. Including this one from viewer Kenneth Guilllen: "Why hasn't the coalition introduced more clerics and sheiks into their plans and put the ownership on them when dealing with Al Sadr and his henchmen?"

See you tomorrow.

The address, as always, is: dayside@foxnews.com


P.S. In case you're wondering why we don't have the usual audience in Studio D: Too many of our crew members were needed at the convention. So the show will be audience-less all week, and then next Monday we'll be back with a full audience in Studio D.

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