President Bush and first lady Laura Bush (search) are involved in a little he-said, she-said business here at the presidential ranch.

He's working on the acceptance speech he'll deliver in two weeks at the Republican National Convention (search). She's working on one she'll deliver earlier at the convention.

"One of the things he'll stay in touch with staff about over the next few days is the convention speech," White House press secretary Scott McClellan (search) told reporters here Thursday. "While, of course, he'll talk about the clear differences that voters face, it'll very much be a forward-looking speech talking about his agenda for America that builds upon his record of results."

Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for Laura Bush, said she's working on a speech to persuade voters to re-elect her husband — probably along the lines of her remarks Wednesday at a campaign stop in Lakewood, Colo., when she said:

"These are times that require a particularly strong and determined leader, and I'm proud that my husband is that kind of leader."

While Bush's rival, Democrat John Kerry (search), continues to campaign, the president is scheduled to be at his ranch for about a week, taking a break from re-election appearances. It's his 38th presidential trip to his ranch where he spends time outdoors fishing, clearing brush and exploring its rocky terrain, waterfalls and canyons. On Thursday, he took a bike ride, and has been watching some of the Summer Olympics, McClellan said.

Bush made political points with the games on Wednesday during a campaign stop in Chippewa Falls, Wis., when he noted the work of twin gymnasts Paul and Morgan Hamm from Wisconsin.

"I know you join me in congratulating the Hamm brothers from the great state of Wisconsin, for their performance in the Olympics," Bush said. "I know they made the people of Wisconsin proud. They made this Texan proud, too."