President Bush is urging Americans going to the polls on Election Day to remember that the U.S. election sets an example for budding democracies around the world.

Bush, who cast an absentee ballot for John McCain last week, said all Americans should take advantage of their right to go to the polls and cast votes that will determine the nation's future.

"Young democracies from Georgia and Ukraine to Afghanistan and Iraq can look to the United States for proof that self-government can endure," Bush said Saturday in his weekly radio address. "And nations that still live under tyranny and oppression can find hope and inspiration in our commitment to liberty."

Bush said that the spirited campaign between McCain and front-runner, Barack Obama, reflects a political competition that is an "essential part of a healthy democracy."

"But as the campaigns come to a close," he said, "Republicans, Democrats, and independents can find common ground on at least one point: Our system of representative democracy is one of America's greatest strengths."