President Bush's twin daughters went online Friday to get out the vote for dad.

"He is definitely an extremely busy man, but he still finds plenty of time to devote to us," Barbara and Jenna wrote jointly in the Internet chat program sponsored by the Bush-Cheney campaign.

"Two months after September 11, when our father and our country were dealing with a huge national tragedy, he still found time to throw us a party for our 20th birthday.

"We invited 20 of our friends down to Camp David (search) for the weekend, and although our dad had a lot on his mind, he still spent plenty of time with us and our friends, making sure everyone felt welcome."

Asked to describe the president in one sentence, they praised him and said: "He always keeps us and our mom laughing."

The 22-year-old twins, who were not involved in the 2000 presidential race, went out with their father separately and then campaigned with him together Tuesday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They did their first solo event Tuesday night in St. Louis and then attended another campaign event Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio.

"I went to my first rally with my dad two weeks ago in Michigan and was completely floored by the event," Barbara Bush (search) said. "As I sat on stage waiting for my dad to deliver his remarks, I was so overcome by the unbelievable excitement in the room, watching so many people yell and chant for my father, I could not help but get tears in my eyes."

Answering questions for an hour from participants in about eight states, the twins suspected some college-age voters don't go to the polls because "most politicians are older" and "it's sometimes hard for college students to relate."

"We understand that young people are already very busy with schoolwork, friends, athletics, and hanging out, but it is so important that you and all of your friends are registered to vote and do vote," they wrote. "Participating in elections is one of the most important and easiest ways we can positively change our future."

On a more personal note, they said they inherited a love of music from their mother, first lady Laura Bush (search). "She has a great old record collection," they said. The twins' favorite artists: reggae musicians, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley; classic rock singers Paul Simon and Van Morrison; and newer musicians, including Modest Mouse, The Strokes and Postal Service.

They said they think Hollywood's portrayal of presidential children is a bit unrealistic.

"We have led normal college lives without constant supervision by chaperones and Secret Service — although they do follow us from a distance," they said. "Both of us traveled around Europe this summer with our girlfriends and had a blast. College was so much fun and we were able to live normal lives hanging out with great friends."

Jenna Bush wrote about a study-abroad program she did as a teen in Cadiz, Spain.

"I love the relaxed atmosphere and attitude that everyone has; I love the amazing tapas and beautiful flamenco music," she wrote, adding that she and her sister would be part of the U.S. delegation attending the Olympics in Greece next month.