So a couple nights ago I was on the couch, screaming at the TV. But then, when I turned it on, I got even angrier.

David Letterman had just started a joke involving President Obama. And suddenly, I thought: "Wow! Letterman is actually going to tell a joke about Obama! This could be huge. Groundbreaking! Life-changing!"

But before I could put on my pants, the host reverted to shtick — setting up a fictitious phone call between Obama and George W. Bush. And in the joke, Obama comes off as smart. But Bush? A total buffoon who munches on potato chips.

I know! Can you believe it? Hysterical, right?

See, Bush is stupid and he likes chips!is

Classic stuff.

And so, as we enter our second month with a new president, Letterman is still banging away at Bush as though it's 2006. Which says something about Letterman and late-night comics in general: They're all wusses.

Right now the economy is in the tank, which is partly due to Bush, but also Dems like Barney Frank and now — sad to say — President Obama. And all you get from Letterman is jokes about Bush's brainpower.

So, I'm thinking Dave's become that guy who can't stop talking about the ex-wife he hates so much. Yes, we listen politely, but we know he still loves her, because he won't shut up about her.

Dave, Bush is your ex-wife. And you're still in love. And because of that you're too afraid to touch Obama.

But G.W. is gone now and he's moved on. Maybe you should too. Try match.com.

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

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