So former President George W. Bush finally responded to all the mud thrown at him the previous five months.

In a speech before a local business group, Bush defended his policies regarding enhanced interrogation and rejected the idea of government-run health care. And later, he said the new White House dog sucks.

Well, that dog part isn't true, but it doesn't matter. Because I already know how this will be played by the media — a group who takes any criticism toward President Obama as a personal insult. I'm sure right now Chris Matthews is hyperventilating in his Obama onesie.

But let's be clear: Bush has every right to talk about this stuff, since his beliefs exist beyond any current political strategy. So if he's asked about them, why not answer? After all, love him or hate him, his words reflect a philosophy that most people know to be true: That it's the people, not the government, who create wealth. And also that "therapy" won't "cause terrorists to change their mind."

And lastly, Bush didn't start this war of words. Face it: For the past five months or so, Obama has been blaming Bush for everything from global warming to his lousy bowling.

But in the end, Bush still remains diplomatic. That's because he really wants Obama to succeed, because Obama is his president too — even if he can't bowl.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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