Bush Cracks Joke About Daughter's Upcoming Wedding

President Bush has started joking about the worst-kept secret in the White House: the May 10 wedding of his daughter, Jenna.

"I had to face some very difficult spending decisions and I've had to conduct sensitive diplomacy," Bush said Wednesday. "That's called planning for a wedding."

Bush's line got a laugh from his audience at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Jenna and her finance, Henry Hager, have decided to be wed at her parents' ranch in Crawford, Texas, rather than at the White House. The White House has refused to release any details, such as the setting on the ranch, who has been invited and how many people will attend.

Bush's wife, Laura, has described the soon-to-be married couple as "soul mates" and has said the president likes Hager.

"He's a really good guy," the first lady said recently on CBS' "The Early Show."

"He's finally going to be the son that George never had," Mrs. Bush said.