A crazed attacker broke into a man's home, beat him with a karaoke machine and bit off his ear, police said.

The 64-year-old Uniondale resident attempted to defend himself with a vacuum cleaner hose, said Nassau County police Officer Mary Verna. Doctors were unable to reattach the ear of the victim, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening.

The 27-year-old attacker punched and kicked his victim in the head and face before grabbing the karaoke machine and using it as a weapon, police said. He did not flee the scene of the violence Thursday but instead crouched in the hallway until police arrived.

"This guy just randomly picked this house," said police Sgt. Anthony Repalone. "There were no proceeds and there's no connection between the victim and the subject. Obviously, his behavior was such that there may have been some drug involvement."

Luis Hidalgo, also of Uniondale, pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and assault. He was being held at the Nassau County jail on bail of $250,000 cash or $500,000 bond, prosecutors said. The number for his home was unlisted.