A new low has been reached in media attacks on the USA. Take a good look at the cartoon The New York Times printed Sunday. It shows the Statue of Liberty holding a whip, ready to strike. Just look at this atrocity and tell me that newspaper is a fair media outlet.

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The two men responsible are Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and editor Bill Keller. These guys are on a jihad to define America as a gulag nation, a country that tortured helpless captives.

The Times is aided and abetted by General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC boss Jeff Zucker, who allow their commentators to push a hateful far-left agenda.

Finally, ACLU leader Anthony Romero and far-left billionaire George Soros are pouring money and legal challenges into telling the world that America is indeed a nation that abuses human rights.

These six men are doing an enormous amount of damage to this country, but why. What is the real goal here?

A liberal president is now in the White House, and Barack Obama has already reversed many of the Bush anti-terror policies. So why are these guys continuing to whip their own country when they know the alleged torture stuff is harming our image all over the world.

The reason is really quite simple. If show trials for the Bush administration happen, they will marginalize the Republican Party, National Security hawks and conservative thinkers for decades. It doesn't matter how the trials turn out, if they even take place. The far left gets a big win.

And it's getting worse. The Obama administration will soon release photographs of military investigations into prisoner abuse. The pictures were taken in order to gather evidence in criminal cases against Americans, but that's not how the photos will be spun.

The ACLU, which sued to get the pictures released, wants to inflame the world against the USA. That, of course, will put our troops and diplomats in even more danger and make it harder for the Obama administration to get cooperation from other countries. Does the president understand that?

Right now, few in the media are rebutting the scandalous charge that America is a torture nation, even though the facts say that is bull. The following men are on record as saying the tough interrogation methods saved lives and were done responsibly in the context of a direct attack on the United States: Former CIA Directors George Tenet, Michael Hayden and Porter Goss, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and President Obama's director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair.

On the other side, FBI Director Robert Mueller dissents, saying no worthy intel was gleaned. But Mueller is obviously vastly outnumbered here, so President Obama is making the correct decision by not pursuing investigations.

It is bad enough the world has to see this kind of garbage, and I hope some reporter asks the president about it. Yeah, we have a free press in America, but right now it is absolutely appalling. And all of us should hold these America-haters accountable.

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Pinheads & Patriots

There was quite a display Sunday at the NASCAR race in Alabama.

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, no! No, no! That destroyed the front-end of Newman's car. Edwards will not make it to the flag.


That driver, Carl Edwards, actually got credit for crossing the finish line on foot, but he came in 24th. I think he may be a patriot for his spunk.

On the pinhead front, we know there is blarney in Ireland, but bull is another matter. Somehow a steer got loose in the town of Ballinrobe, found its way into a grocery store and stirred up a little anxiety.

The animal was finally captured. Nobody was hurt. We don't know its name, but whatever it is, he's a pinhead.

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