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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: "Well, now I am really going to kill you." That is allegedly what Chris Brown allegedly said to Rihanna.

Police also say Brown pummeled Rihanna repeatedly in the face, arms, and even bit her.

We have for you right here the affidavit, which details a vicious, bloody, non-stop assault on 21 year old music star Rihanna.

The document says this is what happened-Rihanna read a text message on Brown's cell phone from an ex girlfriend. The couple began fighting, verbally. And then it got ugly, really ugly.

Brown allegedly tried to shove Rihanna out of the car, began punching her even as blood filled her mouth.

And then police say he bit her.

When Rihanna called her assistant to tell her to have police come to her home, Brown allegedly threatened to kill her.

And just hours ago, Chris Brown was in court. "Extra's" Carlos Diaz was at the courthouse. Carlos what happened inside the courtroom today with Mr. Brown?

CARLOS DIAZ, "EXTRA": There were a lot of small, dramatic things that happened. First off, Rihanna was never identified as the victim. Now she has been, as in court today.

Rihanna's attorney's were asked if they wanted a restraining order against Chris Brown. They said no.

Something that no one has talked about-as things were wrapping up -- by the way, Chris Brown did not have to enter a plea today of guilty or not guilty because it has been postponed. The arraignment has been postponed now until April 6.

But one very poignant point is that Rihanna's lawyer went to Chris Brown at the end of the proceeding and whispered in his ear "Rihanna wants this to be wrapped up as quickly as you do."

So, obviously, Rihanna is in Chris Brown's corner, something that no one could have imagined a month ago.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where is Rihanna, any idea?

DIAZ: She is in L.A., but she was not at the courthouse today.

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A lot of people were talking two weeks ago about how this would be a showdown with Rihanna on one side and Chris Brown on the other, and now we have Rihanna's lawyer telling Chris that she wants to wrap this up as quickly as he does. So, obviously, they're on the same page.

And if this thing continues until April 6, a lot can happen in a month. Keep in mind, it was less than a month ago when all this took place. February 8 is out timeline. February 8 is when all this took place.

We are now at March 5. April 6 is the next time we will see anybody in court. We could have everything thrown out by then.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you first read about this, you hear that there was an assault. It is a terrible crime. And then when read the affidavit, and these obviously are just allegation, but that she is held in a choke hold, essentially, until she's unconscious.

That's not your sort of -- it is sort of stepping it up quite a bit in terms of danger.

DIAZ: This is really just a sad story, because all of this new information that comes out today about the fact that Rihanna's mouth was filled with blood as Chris Brown punched her with his right hand while he drove his Lamborghini with his left hand, that is the kind of disgusting details that no one wants to hear.

And to know that Rihanna is now back with Chris Brown sends a terrible message to young people, both young girls and young boys, about how boyfriends and girlfriends should treat one other. But they are trying to work it out, and they are doing the best that they can.

VAN SUSTEREN: The one who is going to be caught in the middle of this is the prosecutor, because Rihanna is going to be a reluctant witness, refuse to cooperate, and then it become a mess for the prosecutor to try to go forward.

DIAZ: And that's the thing. Basically, the prosecutor has the detective, all the notes that he took, has the pictures that we've seen on TMZ, has the 911 recording.

But without Rihanna, without her testifying, and she does not have to testify in this case, she will not be found in contempt if she does not testify -- without her testimony, really, there is no case.

VAN SUSTEREN: And then, Carlos, he will probably go off to do some program or whatever until the next time they all end up in court. Who knows?

Anyway, Carlos, thank you.

DIAZ: Thank you very much.

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