In a recently-filmed sequence for his new flick based on his character Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen pranks 1,500 wrestling fans in Arkansas.

Cohen organized an event — called Blue Collar Brawlin' — and offered cheap beer to draw in mayhem-hungry fans.

But when the fans arrived, they witnessed a surprise ending with two male wrestlers tearing off their clothes and kissing each other. The fans threw chairs and beer, but Cohen exited safely.

Now, I liked "Borat." And I am sure, with editing, this wrestling stunt will be also funny. But there’s still something a little stinky about the whole thing.

First, the stunt is just a bait and switch, which is an easy trick to piss people off. But I guess that's Cohen's goal, to convey that we are a country of raging, homophobic hicks. By filling fans with cheap beer and then screwing with their heads, he made his point without breaking a sweat.

But isn't that getting old?

I mean, a snobby comedian comes to America to expose our hidden, but somehow relentlessly exaggerated, bigotry? How edgy.

It begs the question: Isn't there something far scarier going on in Cohen's homeland that he could expose? I mean, if Cohen has balls, why doesn't he face the real intolerance brewing in England? What of the Islamic fanatics who openly parade their hate toward anyone different: gays, Jews and now even, dogs.

But for some reason this Brit heads here to poke fun at our quaint intolerance, maybe because he knows we're just too polite to kill him. He's right. I guess that still makes him funny, but it doesn't make him brave.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir, are worse than Hitler.

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