Brokaw, Russert... Rosie?

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Hope you liked Tuesday's show today and "The After Show Show" as well. From Deb Norville to "The Great One," Mark Levin, this was just a lot of fun.

Incredible to think Rosie would be one of our talking points again, but she was because she could be coming back to TV — make that TV news. Yes, she could be the next big name to try and make MSNBC work and I know she won’t come cheap. Shocking to think Imus was too edgy and she fits right in. Just think it’ll be Brokaw, Williams, Russert and Rosie. Donald Trump once had it right when he said she’ll get the job, start out fast and fizzle out — I guess he, like you, is beginning to see a trend.

Fun to play back our big exclusive on "Brian and the Judge" on TV as Stephen Colbert called in to rant about being KO’d from the South Carolina primary. He knew we were just talking about his candidacy and was listening and decided to call into the show. On some level he really sounded let down by the Democratic Party and who can blame him? As a viewer/voter he sure would have made the race for the White House fun!

Finally, it was nice to have Rich Eisen on the show to talk about his life with the NFL Network and comment on the many transgressions in his league this year. If you want a sports book hat you can read to and with your kids, feel free to order a copy of “It's How You Play the Game” at


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