Britney Spears, Sting and Bruce Willis in the harsh post-weekend box office glare of The Foxlight.

Britney Spears better enjoy her curves now, because she may have more meat than muscle as she ages. An Internet film speculates on what Spears will look like in 30 years. Britney 2032 shows a Spears that's gone from curvaceous to round. But she is still wearing those belly-baring halter-tops.

In the online spoof she's signing autographs for her autobiography Oops! I'm Still Alive. Although her fans appear to have lost interest in her, one hasn't. An overweight Justin Timberlake  with a blond afro shows up to take her out for a drink.

Sting has landed a deal to write his memoirs  but don't expect a tell-all about those tantric sex sessions with his wife. The New York Post says the book will chronicle personal aspects of Sting's life, including his experiences with drugs and his role as an activist on behalf of various foundations. The deal with Bantam is said to be worth $1.5 million. And Sting will have plenty of time to get his thoughts together. The book won't be published until 2004.

Finally, the final numbers are in and Bruce Willis' new movie Hart's War didn't have enough heart. Like another WWII artifact, it tanked. Sorry, Bruce.