Britney’s Secret Love Revealed

Just when we all thought that Britney Spears was finally back, it seems instead she’s slipping backwards.

The pop princess’s long-standing conservatorship under her father Jamie's reign may come to an end in November, but it sounds like little has changed since her father was put in charge of her affairs last year.

According to a very close insider, Spears is still madly in love with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, who she dated for a few months at the beginning of last year during her darkest days. The pap-turned-celebrity-by-association was later charged with assault, hit-and-run and battery stemming from an incident in which he allegedly attempted to run over a court official who was trying to serve a restraining order on him.

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In July this year Jamie Spears’s request to have a restraining order against Ghalib was approved by the court, and he has been prohibited from going within 100 yards of Britney and banned from all forms of communication with her ever since.

"It is really breaking Britney’s heart," the source told Pop Tarts. "She is still totally in love with Adnan and she can’t even speak too him, it’s making her really depressed."

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Our source also confirmed speculation that she’s dating her 37-year-old William Morris agent, Jason Trawick, although it seems her dad is the one most involved in the romance.

"Jamie (Spears) is really, really pushing the relationship with Jason, he thinks he’s a really good influence on Britney," added our source. "And the last thing he wants is Britney going back to Adnan. She would if she could."

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Plotting Reality Show With Britney’s Manager

In more Brit-related news, many have been questioning why on earth she’s been hanging out with not-so-reformed rehabber Lindsay Lohan in recent times, but it may not entirely be her fault.

An insider says Brit’s manager Larry Rudolph is now quietly working with Lindsay Lohan too, which is why the two troubled Tinseltowners have been spotted at the same place at the same time a lot lately. The source says Rudolph is helping Lohan with a potential reality show that will enscapulate her trials and tribulations as she gets "back on her feet" and actually becomes a working actress again.

A rep for Lohan did not respond for comment.

But speaking of Lohan getting back on the straight and narrow, it sounds like that is a dream still far from the realm of reality. Lilo was spotted in a NYC restaurant late night last Thursday looking like a hot mess, literally.

"She looked filthy and disgusting, barely recognizable," said an eyewitness.

The 22-year-old later returned to her hood in Los Angeles in the wee hours of Sunday to discover her home had again been broken into and several pieces of valuable jewelry as well as watches had been stolen, marking her second home burglary in three months.

"She is upset and feels violated," a Lohan pal said.

Melanie Griffith Back to Rehab

Melanie Griffith has battled numerous drug and alcohol related addictions with numerous stints in rehab throughout her long career, but the 52-year-old just can't seem to kick it and recently checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge Rehab Facility which has also been a temporary home to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst in the past.

"She is there to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy. This is part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago," Melanie's publicist, Robin Baum, told Star Magazine.

So while the "health" angle is being played out (as it always seems to be), sources say that she was at risk of losing husband Antonio Banderas if she didn't take action to control her wayward ways, and that he had had enough of her erratic behavior.

According to an inside source, Griffith has become increasingly insecure about her marriage to the handsome Spanish actor three years her junior.

"She would give dirty looks to any woman that even spoke to him," said our snitch. "Sometimes she would even start screaming. It was quite embarrassing."

Another source who recently worked with the "Working Girl" starlet said she was particularly off-edge and had a multitude of crazy demands, including insisting everything around her, from the food to the flowers, be yellow.

However Pop Tarts did speak to Griffith just a couple of months ago and she was all smiles as she hung out with her son at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Dinner honoring Michael Douglas. But when we asked the actress where Banderas was, we were told simply, "He's busy."