Britney Spears’ parents are pretty sick of their daughter’s former manager Sam Lutfi and his dirty mouth – and they want the courts to know it.

Jamie and Lynne filed a Motion to Strike in the Los Angeles Superior court last week, alleging that the complaint Lutfi filed against them in February was essentially baseless.

According to the papers, Lutfi’s suit contains “content that appears to be a calculated attempt to exploit the court system by turning a legal pleading into a fanciful public relations press release with no factual or legal moorings.”

Lutfi claimed Brit’s folks failed to “offer their fragile daughter guidance or emotional support” during her downward spiral last year and accused them of financially capitalizing on her misfortunes, controlling every aspect of her life and interfering with her marriage to Kevin Federline.

In the new motion filed, Jamie and Lynne Spears claim that Lutfi’s “far-fetched” depictions of Britney’s personal relationships are “false” and “paint a scandalous picture.” In addition, the Spears allege that his claim that Jamie engaged in harmful physical contact toward him are irrelevant and serve no other purpose than to “excite the passions and prejudices of the public.”

Lutfi’s attorney was not immediately available for comment. The issue is expected to be addressed in court on April 9.