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Britney Spears’ Dad Attempting to Clean Up Her Image While She Releases a Racy Song About Threesomes? 

Britney Spears still doesn’t have custody of her kids, however Pop Tarts has been told the comeback kid of 2009 is still being remodeled and revamped into a sweeter starlet by her father and co-conservator, Jamie Spears.

"He’s really trying to clean up her image," said an inside source. "He’s making a lot of changes to the people around her, everyone is a bit on edge they could be the next one to be replaced."

We’re told daddy Spears and his team has been busy hiring and firing various people in the Spears camp from her tour assistant to one of her key online developers, and is possibly afraid of letting anybody get too close or learning too much about his troubled daughter.

"Britney’s family has seen what happens when she gets too close to outsiders and they lose control, they don’t want it happening again," said the source.

But how does Britney apparently feel about all the changes?

"She is so out of it she just doesn’t care anymore," added our insider. "She just does what she’s told and is totally in her world, she’ll even call people at all hours of night for a general conversation and acts like it’s the middle of the day or something."

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So while Jamie is busy trying to shake up those surrounding her, one thing that he doesn’t seem to be changing or trying to make more innocent is her music. Brit is set to soon release a raunchy music video for her new single "3" which focuses on exactly that … a threesome.

"Merrier the more, triple fun that way," Spears sings. "Three is a charm, two is not the same. I don’t see the harm, so are you in the game?"

But that raunchy style isn't going away anytime soon - we’re told her peeps know that "sex sells" and it is those provocative tunes and moves that has made Brit the pop phenomenon and music mogul that she is today.

Exclusive Playboy Cover Wars: Marge Simpson Vs Supermodel Alina Puscau Steals the Spotlight on One of Two Covers

The blogosphere has been buzzing with Marge Simpson’s recent transition from housewife to Playboy pin-up, but the animated mama actually only appears on half of the Playboy covers - and the alternative, supermodel Alina Puscau, is more much more pleasing to the eye. Pop Tarts caught up with Puscau for the inside scoop on being shot for the men’s mag but none other than Hollywood big-wig (who happens to be her boyfriend) Brett Ratner.

Q: How did you feel about Marge getting all the attention before the magazine came out?

A: I was so excited to hear that I would be sharing the cover of Playboy with Marge Simpson. She is much more famous than I am so I suspected she would get all the attention.

Q: What was it like posing nude for your man? Did it make it easier?

A: It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Brett is a perfectionist. The shoot took 18 hours and we had to come back another day because he wasn’t satisfied.

Q: Does he mind millions of men ogling at you in the mag?

A: He is not the jealous type and he is actually proud to date a girl who is in Playboy.

Q: Brett recently signed on to direct the upcoming Hugh Hefner movie … anything you can share?

A: I can’t discuss that. It’s top secret. You have to ask Brett. But I can tell you that he is very excited about it and he is working on the script.

Q: As a Ralph Lauren model yourself, were you surprised about the recent controversy surrounding the fired model because she was "too fat"?

A: I didn’t hear about the controversy, but I personally like having a few extra pounds on me because my boyfriend likes it.

Karina Smirnoff & Aaron Carter: It’s On!

While Karina Smirnoff and Aaron Carter have been busy denying reports that they are hooking up, several insiders told Tarts that there is certainly something going on.

"They are incredibly touchy feely together," said an inside source. "And things are certainly much calmer behind the scenes now that Smirnoff’s former fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy has left."

But according to Carter himself, things backstage at DWTS aren’t exactly peaceful.

"It’s becoming a lot more competitive, everyone has respect for each other but its definitely heating up. We are all very competitive," he said last week.

And while some may question the cougar relationship (she’s 31 and he’s 21), Carter insisted to us that he’s a big boy now unlike the immature portrayal of him on his family’s reality show "House of Carter’s" just a few years ago.

"That was [overexposure]. It was overwhelming and wasn’t really reality," he said. "I was younger and going through a change in life. Now I am becoming a man."

Olivia Wilde Lends Herself To Breast Cancer Awareness

We all know Olivia Wilde was dealt quite a fortunate handout when looks and talent were being decided, and the 25-year-old stunner is now using her fame for a good cause to build a stronger awareness of breast cancer.

Wilde recently wrapped filming a PSA for the National Breast Cancer Coalition along with other Hollywooders including Calista Flockhart, Regina King, Marg Helgenberger and Mark Harmon which is set to her the airwaves later this month.

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"Olivia was just so gracious and patient with getting set-up," said a member of the on-set production crew. "She was our first shoot, so we had a few kinks to iron out but she was really easy going."

Pop Tarts Scene & Herd

John Cusack in Wyoming last week to promote "2012," insisting that all windows be open despite the snowy 20 degree weather outside.

Samantha Ronson, Nicole Richie and husband Joel Madden partying together in the VIP room upstairs at Playhouse Hollywood on Friday night.

Neil Patrick Harris and Wilson Cruz doing vocal warm-ups before taking the stage at Project Angel Food’s in Concert in LA on Saturday night. They were overheard reminiscing about their theater days together in Broadway’s "RENT."

Daryl Hannah and Emily Deschanel, together to honor Animal Planet's "Whale Wars," stepping out to support the unveiling the new Antarctic Whale Defense vessel of the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society at a private estate in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday evening.

Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Miles Austin partying at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Taylor Swift headlining Justin Timberlake's charity concert in Sin City on Saturday night. She spent the afternoon shopping at Armani Exchange with her mom, followed by lunch at DIABLO's CANTINA at the Monte Carlo where she couldn't keep from humming and singing along to Diablo's party music playing throughout the restaurant. The night before the country crooner was spotted noshing away at Yellowtail inside the Bellagio.

Keifer Sutherland at Vintage Bar Group’s EL BAR in L.A. on Saturday night having drinks with friends including one of the writers from 24.

Holly Montag celebrating her 26th Birthday (sans sis Heidi) with Stephanie Pratt at Empire Hollywood on Saturday evening.

Mena Suvari and JD Fortune of INXS watching Division-E Apparel stage their first ever fashion show for their Spring/Summer 2010 women's and men's collections on Saturday at Sunset Gower Studios in L.A. on Saturday night.

Billy Bush making a sly joke about the President's not-so-deserving Nobel Peace Prize at the 1st Annual Nobel Humanitarian Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday night. Attendees included Nicole and Lionel Richie, the Madden brothers, Morgan Freeman, Nancy O'Dell, Annalynne McCord and Teri Hatcher.

Mother/daughter "Gossip Girl" actresses Kelly Rutherford and Caroline Lagerfelt (CeCe Rhodes) on hand to honor the winners of the Carefree Fresh Start Fund at Spa Chakra in New York on Monday night. Rutherford was overheard saying that motherhood has given her a "fresh start" and credited her kids for helping her live a balanced, healthy life.

Julia Roberts is seen at the sets of her film "Eat, Pray, Love" at a market in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia on Monday.

Katie Holmes looking stunning in all-black at ELLE Magazine’s 16th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute in Los Angeles on Monday.

Shakira blowing kisses to fans while attending the 2009 Whitney Museum of American Art gala and studio party in New York on Monday, while troubled Tinseltowners Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan stayed on their best behavior.

Laurence Fishbourne and actor George Eads at Playboy Club inside Palms Casino Resort Monday night where they sipped mixed drinks before making their way to a reserved blackjack table. 

Eva Longoria Parker and Andie MacDowell looking simply stunning on the corner of Hollywood and Highland on Tuesday morning as L'Oreal Paris received a Friend Walk of Fame.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted in downtown LA at EVO, 2 blocks from the Staples Center, checking out the property's luxury 23rd floor penthouse (worth $2.1 million) while shooting scenes for his upcoming film "Oliver's Arrow" on Tuesday. He was seen interacting with current residents and seemed very interested in the building's eco-friendly and green design elements.

Snoop Dogg stepping into the ring during WWE Monday Night RAW in Jacksonville to Smackdown WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero who got in Snoop’s face while he was guest hosting to promote his new CD "Malice N Wonderland."

The Killers dining at N9NE Steakhouse inside Palms Casino Resort Tuesday night. Accompanied by a party of nine, they sat in the private dining room and enjoyed a family-style meal. 

Sal Masekela challenging Diddy to run the ING NY Marathon via Twitter - so if Sal beats his time of 4 hours:14 minutes:56 seconds come Nov. 1, Diddy has to donate money to Masekela's foundation, Stoked Mentoring. Diddy accepted the challenge, and since then, Justin Timberlake, Rob Dyrdek, Tony Hawk, and corporations like DFDTV.com, Ad.ly, Asics, and Tanqueray are also sponsoring Sal.