Britney, Monica Lewinsky, The X-Files and Big Rudy in the post mayoral glow of The Foxlight.

Britney Spears has a confession for a German magazine. Chocolate for her is just as good as an orgasm. That's good chocolate. Can you imagine the boxes of Godiva that are going to start arriving backstage? She really is 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar.'

Speaking of food, Monica Lewinsky told reporters she's tired of hearing her last name used to describe a sex act, and there's no manual for how to act when you've been thrust into the national spotlight. Well, guess what, she has a new HBO documentary about her life that she's pushing. That'll help keep her out of the spotlight.

So they're canceling X-Files? Truth is, I didn't realize it was still out there.

And finally, Rudy Giuliani proved he's fair and balanced too. After years of appearing only on David Letterman's Late Night, he finally showed up on The Tonight Show to jaw with Jay. And it was great TV. Hey Jay, Rudy's out of work, how about this guy as your new Ed McMahon?