Britney, Charlie Sheen and Dennis Rodman

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Britney, Charlie Sheen and Dennis Rodman's place in the bright cross-dressing glare of The Foxlight.

Britney Spears is tired of playing the good girl. She told television critics over the weekend that she's not a little girl anymore and, to prove it, she said, even though she's under 21, she enjoys a cocktail now and then. She could be a Bush twin. She says she likes to celebrate but does it with balance - one drink here and there. I guess she's not that innocent.

Now you, too, can live like Charlie Sheen. That is, if you have $4.5 million to buy his "ultimate bachelor pad" (The price includes furniture). The L.A. Times reports the place is complete with a poker room, a cigar room, an office, a billiards room and even a batting cage. Oh, and all those video cameras? I'm sure they're just for security.

Finally, if Dennis Rodman never sinks another basket or dons another wedding gown, he'll still do pretty well in the restaurant and nightclub business.  His Newport Beach, Calif., partying hole - not his home, but his club - is doing pretty well. Lines to get in wrap around the block. But the Foxlight passed on dropping in last week when two well-heeled locals told us we'd have to spend $75 just to get a sofa in the place - and no, you don't get to keep it. Plus, drinks are additional. I guess tatoos and nose rings are expensive.