British Woman Gets Life Sentence for Poisoning Lover's Curry

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A jealous woman who laced her former lover's curry with poison has been given a life sentence for his murder.

Lakhvir Singh, 45, was told she would serve a minimum of 23 years after being convicted of poisoning Lakhvinder "Lucky" Cheema and his fiancee Gurjeet Choongh.

Singh decided to murder her secret lover of 16 years to stop him from marrying his young fiancee.

The jealous mother of three sneaked into the home of Cheema and his fiancee and spiked a curry in the fridge with deadly Indian aconite - known as the Queen of Poisons.

The couple ate the meal as they discussed their wedding - which was due to take place just weeks later on Valentine's Day last year.

Within hours of eating the curry on January 27, Cheema, 39, was dead after having second helpings and Choongh, 21, was fighting for her life in hospital.

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