Five British sailors who accidentally strayed into Iranian territorial waters are expected to return home to their families Thursday.

David Bloomer, Oliver Smith, Oliver Young, Sam Usher and Luke Porter were released by Iran on Wednesday after being held for a week.

Speaking at a press conference after arriving in Dubai, they confirmed they were all initially blindfolded, except Smith who was told to steer their yacht to dock.

They said it was "very tense" to start with as they were questioned on suspicion of being spies, but were "treated very well" by their guards.

They were held in the same room, and given darts and a chessboard to pass the time.

Speaking from a boat off Dubai, Bloomer told Sky News: "All five of us are safe. We are happy to be free.

"If anything, we may be a bit overweight because they were feeding us so much."

The five were told they would be released when guards brought them breakfast on Wednesday morning.

"They said 'You are free to go,'" Bloomer said. "We were surprised."

Describing his relief, he added: "It was absolute joy. It was amazing."Describing his relief, he added: "It was absolute joy. It was amazing."

Describing his relief, he added: "It was absolute joy. It was amazing."

Bloomer, a Bahrain-based radio presenter, said he had found his last night in captivity "particularly bad."

"I didn't want to build my hopes up," he said.

Their families held a press conference at the Foreign Office in London shortly after their release.

They told how stressful it had been waiting for news, and said they feared their ordeal might last for months.

The five were freed after pressure from Britain. Foreign Secretary David Miliband said it showed diplomacy could work.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard, whose navy had stopped the vessel, said in a statement: "After carrying out an investigation and interrogation of the five British sailors, it became clear that their illegal entry was a mistake."

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