British Prosecutors: No Charges Against Prince Harry in Deaths of Endangered Hawks

None of the three suspects interviewed by British police will be charged with the alleged killing of two protected birds of prey at a royal estate, the Crown Prosecution Service said Tuesday.

None of the suspects was identified.

Prince Harry and a friend were in the area at the time of the shooting on Oct. 24 at the Sandringham estate in eastern England. Royal officials say that the prince had no knowledge of the shooting.

"Norfolk Crown Prosecution Service has advised Norfolk Police there is insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone over the shooting of two hen harrier birds, a protected species, at Sandringham on Oct. 24, 2007," the prosecuting agency said.

"The bodies of the hen harriers have not been found and there is no forensic or ballistic evidence. Witnesses also heard unexplained shooting in the area before the three suspects said they were present at the scene, so other people cannot be ruled out.

"The three suspects, who were interviewed by police, all denied that the birds were killed by them," the agency said.