British Prime Minister Calls for More Protection Against Car Bombs at Airports, Rail Stations

British airports, train stations and shopping malls will get new defenses against car bombs following a major security review, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Wednesday.

Under the plan, hundreds of transport terminals, power plants and shopping malls will also upgrade protection against the threat of bombings.

Brown said a review led by terrorism minister Alan West, ex-head of the navy, had found no lapses in safety at around 1,000 public venues reviewed, but recommended extra protection against car bombs.

New baggage checks will be introduced at major rail terminals, but restrictions limiting air passengers to one piece of hand luggage per flight are being relaxed, Brown told lawmakers.

The leader said work on tackling the spread of extremist ideology is also being increased, following worries that school children have access to it.

Internet and technology companies will be asked to help stop terrorist propaganda being distributed online, he said.