British Millionaire Faces Life in Jail for Trying to Kill Unborn Baby With Abortion Pills

A British millionaire with a pathological fear of becoming a father tried to kill his unborn baby by secretly feeding his wife abortion pills he bought online, The Daily Mail reported.

Now 36-year-old Gil Magira could get life behind bars for trying to terminate Anat Abraham's 11-week pregnancy. He was set to be sentenced on Friday.

The wealthy businessman last February ground up the pills and slipped them into a sandwich and yogurt he fed his wife for breakfast, according to The Mail.

Abraham became sick and was taken to the hospital, but she and the child — a boy named Matan — survived the ordeal. The baby was born June 20.

Magira admitted giving Abraham poison to trigger a miscarriage. He was the first person in 40 years to be charged with such a crime.

"When I found out Gil had poisoned me I was in shock," his 38-year-old wife said in a tearful statement she read in court. "I would never have thought he had such capability. I had lived with a person for 10 years who I didn't really know."

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