British Embassy: Don't Like Your New Breasts? We Can't Help You

The British Embassy is used to getting bizarre requests from its residents traveling abroad, but one of its most recent requests was the breast, er best, yet, Agence France-Presse reports.

One lady, unhappy with the size of her newly augmented breasts following surgery, asked if the embassy could help.

The embassy's answer? An emphatic no.

"If you have a serious problem abroad — maybe you've been involved in an accident, have lost your passport or are a victim of crime — we can help you," Juliet Maric, the British Consul in Alicante on the Spanish east coast, told AFP.

The country's 261 diplomatic missions across the globe are fed up with odd demands for help from Brits abroad, some of whom want the embassy to help them find lost sunglasses, pay bills, help them pack or even offer jam-making tips.

"We regularly get enquiries from people who think we're a one-stop-shop for any problem they might encounter while abroad," Marc said. "This can be frustrating as we need to focus resources on the serious cases that we're there to help with."

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