British 15-Year-Old Allegedly Made $20G Working Weekends as Prostitute

A British teen earned up to $20,000 in two months working weekends as a prostitute, a court was told Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail.

The 15-year-old allegedly made more than $2,400 per weekend for her services for an escort agency in Newcastle, England.

The unidentified girl's double life was exposed when one of her teachers found condoms and the name of the escort agency in her school bag, the Mail reported.

When police went to the student's house in November they said they found she had stashed $11,000 in cash. She has not faced any criminal charges yet.

"Child sexual exploitation is an issue for a number of towns and cities across the north east," Wendy Shepherd, children's service manager for Barnardo's Sexual Exploitation Children Outreach Services, told the Mail. "It is not unusual that young people are coerced and groomed into sexually exploitative relationships and they don't always understand fully what is happening."

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